Cobalt Chromium (Co-Cr) DES

Our newest innovation:

Sirolimus eluting cobalt chromium coronary stent with fully bio-degradable matrix for drug release up to six weeks Of course Made In Germany


A drug eluting stent with a bio degradable, abluminal coating of a polymer carrier loaded with 1.4 µg sirolimus per sqmm stent surface. Pre-mounted stent onto a double lumen PTCA catheter for rapid exchange use with a semi-compliant balloon, two radio-opaque markers, proximal and distal. 140 cm working length, 25 cm from tip. Nominal inflation pressure at 8 atm, Rated burst inflation pressure at 16 atm / 14 atm for 3.50 mm @ L > 35 mm and for 4.00 mm @ L > 30 mm. 0.035" average crossing profile. 0.064" min. guiding catheter I.D. 0.014" max. guide wire O.D.

Drug stent technology par excellence

STENT DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY OSIRACR stents are made from L605 cobalt chromium Alloy, with smooth electropolish surface (SES). The stents are designed as slotted tube, open cell devices with 3 interlinks per segment and 6 zigzag elements per ring element. Therefore they are highly flexible with an extra very low crossing profile (0.035" / 0.90 mm) for excellent lesion crossing. OSIRACR products are Pre-mounted stent Systems onto a double lumen rapid exchange semi-compliant balloon catheter. Mounted with special crimping methods, results an excellent push-ability. The delivery system has two radio opaque markers (proximal and distal) and a 140 cm working length, 25 cm from tip. The balloon length is max. 0.5 mm longer than the stent. Each stent is tested with a unique method (world wide patents pending) to provide the most higher security against slippery. The SDS has a nominal inflation pressure at 8 atm, and a Rated burst inflation pressure at 16 atm (14 atm for 3.50 mm @ L > 35 mm and for 4.00 mm @ L > 30 mm). A implantation requires a 0.064" min. guiding catheter I.D. and a 0.014" max. guide wire O.D.

Made in Germany

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OSIRACR stents are coated with a mixture of a bio-degradable matrix and sirolimus drug. The coating is abluminal, what's means, almost 95% of the drug is released there,were is needed.The elution begins immediately after implantation . 6 weeks after the operation is done, the drug is consumed and the elution stops automatically.
A bare metal stent remains in the body, with no side effects like a late thrombosis.
  • Well proven sirolimus drug.
  • Pre defined, matrix controlled release rate.
  • Abluminal surface coating.
  • Drug load with 1.4 µg sirolimus/sqmm stent surface.
Strut thickness 0.00315" (0.08 mm)
Strut width 0.00315" (0.08 mm)
Shortening after expansion < 2 %
Mechanical recoil < 3.0 %
Metal coverage ~ 10 %
Longitudinal flexibility Excellent
Average crossing profile 0.035" (0.90 mm)
Min. guiding catheter I.D. 0.064" (1.63 mm)
Max. guide wire O.D. 0.014" (0.36 mm)
Drug product Polymer carrier with 1.4µg sirolimus/sqmm stent surface
Stent diameter
2.5mm 2.75mm 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm
12 mm OS201225cr OS2012275cr OS201230cr OS201235cr OS201240cr
16 mm OS201240cr OS2016275cr OS201630cr OS201635cr OS201640cr
20 mm OS202025cr OS2020275cr OS202030cr OS202035cr OS202040cr
24 mm OS202425cr OS2024275cr OS202430cr OS202435cr OS202440cr
28 mm OS202825cr OS2028275cr OS202830cr OS202835cr OS202840cr
32 mm OS203225cr OS2032275cr OS203230cr OS203235cr OS203240cr
38 mm OS203825cr OS2038275cr OS203830cr OS203835cr OS203840cr
42 mm OS204225cr OS2042275cr OS204230cr OS204235cr OS204240cr
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